Self Regulating & Constant Wattage Heating Cable & Cords

Self Regulating/Limiting Heating Cords
Self Regulating/Limiting Heating Cords
Constant Wattage Heating Cable
Constant Wattage Heating Cable


Flexible Heating Cords & Cable - Freeze Protection: Prevent freezing in your critical areas with our variety of heating products. Freeze protection heat tapes, cable and heat cords are available for quick and easy installation on pies, valves and tanks. Heating cable is also referred to as heating tape and heat trace cable amongst the industry. Heating cable is used for a wide range of applications including pipe tracing, freeze protection, viscosity control, temperature process maintenance, roof and gutter, and much more. NPH also offers a true heating tape that is much more flexible and provides a more rapid thermal response.


Product Highlights:

  • Self-regulating or constant-wattage heating cable
  • Ideal for long runs on pipes and vessels
  • Can be cut-to-length at job site
  • Temperatures up to 500oF (260oC)
  • Meets NEC 427-23 and IEEE Std 515-2004


  • Freeze Protection: Prevent freezing on a wide array of objects like pipes, valves, tanks, vessels, pumps, and more. NPH solves this critical application by utilizing over 60 years of combined heating experience with a wide variety of heating solutions, saving you time and money
  • Viscosity Control: Keep fluids flowing at optimal rates throughout your facility. Typical products for these applications include heating tape, silicone blankets, heating cable, drum heaters, and cloth jackets.
  • Low to High Temperature Process Maintenance: Our variety of heating products allows you to pick the product best suited to your process. For assistance our application Engineers are standing by to help. Whether silicone rubber heating blankets or heating cable, we have the product to meet your needs.
  • Roof and gutter
  • Constant Wattage Heating Cable, Heating Cable, Heating Cords, Self Regulating Cable, Flexible Heating Cords Ordinary locations
  • Hazardous locations



Which Heating Cable is Right for You?
NPH offers two basic styles of heating cable:
Self-Regulating / Self-Limiting: Automatically adjusts heat output based on surface temperature. Ideal for freeze protection and low temperature process maintenance.
Constant-Wattage: Provides precise and constant temperatures up to 500oF (260oC). Ideal for a wide range of applications.



  Self Regulating and Constant Wattage Heating Cable and Cords


How To Order Self Regulating or Constant Wattage Heating Cable, Heating Cords
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