Silicone Rubber Hopper Heaters-Modular Surface Heaters

Silicone Rubber Hopper Heaters
Silicone Rubber Hopper Heaters
Installation of Silicone Rubber Hopper Heaters
Installation of Silicone Rubber Hopper Heaters

NPH Hopper Surface Heating Systems maintain elevated temperatures above moisture and acid dew points using a proven combination of:

  • Modular hopper surface heaters
  • Flexible heating tapes for throats, poke tubes, and man ways
  • Temperature control and installation hardware


Product Highlights:

  • Ideal for ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator) hoppers, bag house hoppers, and material and dust-collector hoppers
  • System of modular heaters meets your heat-up and total wattage requirements
  • Easy adhesive installation
  • Exceptional durability
  • 5-year warranty
  • Optional hazardous-area approval:
  • Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C, and D
    Class II Division 2 Groups F and G



  • Maximum exposure temperature: 450o F (232o C)
  • Power density: 2.5 watts / in2 (0.004 watts / mm2)
  • Moisture, chemical, and radiation resistant
  • Patented 360o grounded heating element; meets NEC 427.23
  • Optional high-limit safety thermostat
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing
  • Dielectric strength: Over 2000 volts
  • Choice of voltage: 120, 208, 240, 277, 480, or 600VAC
  • Power leads: 12ft (3.6m) long silicone rubber power leads with bare-wire connection
  • Ordinary-area location approvals:
    up to 358*F (181*C)
  • A temperature controller is required with this product


Modular Size Chart


Width in (mm) Length in (mm)
3 (76) 12 (305)
6 (152) 12 (305)
12 (305) 12 (305)
12 (305) 24 (610)
12 (305) 36 (914)
12 (305) 48 (1220)


Eliminate Bridging, Pluggage, Condensation, and Corrosion on:

  • ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator) Hoppers
  • Bag house Hoppers
  • Most Material and Dust-Collector Hoppers


Eliminate Hopper Corrosion    Eliminate Hopper Sledgehammer

Good for Hoppers with...

  • Bulk Powder
  • Fly Ash
  • Resin Beads
  • Any System Where Bridging or Condensation Can Occur


How Does Corrosion Occur in Hoppers?
Condensation builds as moist air contacts cold hopper walls causing corrosion.

How Does Bridging Occur in Hoppers?
Fly ash and other solid particles accumulate on moist walls leading to bridging.

Stop Bridging and Corrosion by Heating Hopper Walls!

What is Necessary to Apply Heat?
A hopper surface heating system provides everything necessary to stop bridging and corrosion including...

  • Heaters
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Accessories
  • Application / Installation Assistance


Silicone rubber hopper heaters are extremely versatile and operate efficiently in many environments. Some distinct advantages of silicone rubber hopper heaters are:

  • Hopper Heaters, Silicone Rubber Hopper Heaters, Hopper Surface Heaters, Silicone Hopper Heaters Moisture resistance
  • Oil and solvent resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Outdoor exposure
  • Hopper Heaters, Silicone Rubber Hopper Heaters, Hopper Surface Heaters, Silicone Hopper Heaters Extremely thin profiles
  • Conform to almost any shape



  Silicone Rubber Hopper Heaters - Modular Surface Heaters




How To Order Silicone Rubber Hopper Surface Heaters
1)Specify length and width
2)Specify watts and Volts
3)Specify type of temperature control required-Thermocouple, RTD, Pre-Set T-stat etc
4)Specify with or without sticky back (PSA-pressure sensitive adhesive)
5)Specify holes, notches, cutouts etc.
6) Provide drawing and or image or sample when required
7) Specify length of leads
8) Specify type of application and its parameters



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